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What level of success do YOU want?

When it comes to the level of business you do, what is your comfort zone? What are you trying to achieve? Are you in to making as much money as you can or are you happy with just making a good living? Do you judge your success by how many toys you have or by how much freedom you have in your life? Do you place limits on yourself or are you always trying to do more? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? I have.

I think it's very important to know what we want out of life and… Continue

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Why Do Short Sales?

Recently, Janie Coffey and I were invited to participate on a teleconference hosted by Jennifer Allan about short sales.

My portion of the seminar was........Why do Short Sales? I was fist so please check it out and let me know how I did. I've only done two of these seminars so I'm still trying to figure them out. What I learned this week is that I talk too much!!!!

Here's a very small portion of the transcript.

You've probably heard...."Short Sales are… Continue

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Mortgages and Guidelines by Lynne Rohde

Have you recently had a loan officer say a loan couldn't work because FHA requires collections to be paid off ???? (THIS IS AN EXAMPLE)

The real answer is FHA does NOT require collections to be paid, does NOT require a borrower to have reserves in the bank, does NOT require a minimum credit score, ETC.

FHA also doesn't "buy" mortgages... FHA only insures them. So, the confusion comes in with the lenders putting "overlays" on the FHA guidelines depending on which investor… Continue

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Preparing the Comparable Market Analysis (CMA)

Recently I was invited by Jennifer Allen to participate on a teleconference on "How To Price Your Listings Right......With a Persuasive CMA". The teleconference was awesome and I believe we had close to 1,000 people listen in. Since then I have had numerous emails asking me questions about my CMA.

Instead of typing the same email response over and over again I thought I'd just post that particular part of my presentation here. So here you go. I hope it… Continue

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Setting Up Your Voicemail

Don’t you hate it when you call a Real Estate professional on their cell phone and they don’t answer and they have no message. Just the standard “leave a message.” Personally I have a problem leaving information on a voice mail that doesn’t identify the person you are calling. The message on your voice mail should be very clear and precise. It should identify who you are and when you can expect a call back and give an alternative way to reach you be it your web address, E-mail, fax or… Continue

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Communication: Disarming People.

Disarming people. This is skill that needs to be developed if you want to be successful in Real Estate. Unfortunately, rude and unprofessional Realtors, upset and irate customers and nasty mortgage brokers are a part of our business. Understand this, it will not get better and you will have to deal with these people for as long as you are in the business. You cannot change them, but with practice you can change yourself and how these people react to you. I’ve said this before and I will… Continue

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What goes in the Hardship Letter?

This outline will help your Seller prepare their hardship letter. The sample answers are to assist NOT to just be copied. The hardship letter should only contain facts. Just be honest. The goal is to explain to the Lender why the Seller can no longer make the payments for their property. This letter should be handwritten by the Seller and legible.

TO: Countrywide Mortgage

FR: Paul and Suzie Helpus

RE: 1234 Lost Value Ave. Poinciana FL… Continue

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How to respond to Email enquiries.

My goal with Tutas Towne Realty, Inc is to make everything as automated as possible. We are a virtual real estate compnay. The days of driving around showing properties for days on end are over. Now don't get me wrong, you may have to show some, but my goal is to limit your time doing so. Wouldn't you rather work in your jammies?

Foreign Investors will buy sight unseen. I know because these are the only buyers I ever work with. I don't have time to spend looking at… Continue

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What is 3rd party approval?


Hi Broker Bryant,

Thank you for the sample short sale submission letter, I found it to be very helpful. I am currently closing on a short sale and picking up a couple more tomorrow.

I have a couple of questions .... You stated... "Just remember, you are submitting a fully signed and accepted contract and asking the lender to remove the 3rd party approval. You are not asking them to accept the offer. The lender is not a party to… Continue

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What is a hardship?

A Short Sale is one of several pre-foreclosure remedies. In order to request a Short Sale, from the Lender, the Seller must have a hardship AND must be able to prove it. It has to be a legitimate hardship.



1. conditions of life that are difficult to endure

2. something that causes suffering

A hardship is anything that makes it where the Seller can not afford the payments on theri house. A hardship is something… Continue

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What is a Short Sale?

What is a Short Sale?

A Short Sale is when you need to sell your property but the amount owed exceeds the value of the property AND you are asking the lien holder (lender) to accept less as payment in full. You are asking your lender to accept a "short" payoff so you can sell and they can avoid the expense of a foreclosure.

For example: You bought your house in 2005 and paid $250,000 for it. You mortgaged $230,000. You can no longer afford to keep the house because of a… Continue

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Now is the time to excel!!!

Folks, these are difficult times that we are in. But keep this is mind....there has never been a time when the consumer needed good ethical REALTORS(R) more than they do now. Many homeowners are struggling to keep their homes or salvage their credit. They need us to help them. Buyers also need us to help them get into a home while prices are down and they have many to choose from. Now is the time to excel!!!

BUT...I do know it's hard. The most difficult thing is changing the… Continue

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