Working Expired Listings Can Be Very Rewarding

Broker Bryant,

Thanks so much for posting that Expired Listing letter. I've already started using it!

Would you mind telling me about how many of these you send out in a day, week, or month? You mentioned that you get about 2 listings per month from it so I want to mimic what you are doing. If you are sending a lot I may need to expand my market area.

Also, any other tips would of course be appreciated! =)

Help Me Please

Dear Help Me Please,

You can count on about a 2-3% return based on the amount of letters you send out. I have also found that some folks call me months and even years after having received one of my mailers. The key is to just keep doing it. You may not get anything for a few months and then all of a sudden you get several listings in one week.

And use this time to really study the MLS in the morning. Whenever I'm looking at the MLS hot sheet for expired listings I always check the new active, sold and pending listings as well. After doing this daily, forever, start seeing trends that will help you in your business.

You will see what's selling and who is buying.

I'm also always looking for deals that I can send to my investors or a property that may meet what a buyer I spoke with is looking for.

So...mailing out expired listing letter is not only about getting listings. It's about broadening your Market knowledge and matching up buyers and properties.

If you approach your expired listings campagin this way then you won’t get discouraged when you don't see an immediate response to your mailers.

Positive action will create positive results.

Make cents?


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