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DVC Leaves RCI for Interval International

interval international

Exchange Network Update

Disney Vacation Club is leaving RCI and joining Interval International (know as “II”) as their new exchange provider beginning January 1, 2022. External exchanges through RCI® will end December 31, 2021. All confirmed exchange reservations and deposits made with RCI® through December 31, 2021 will be honored until December 31, 2023.  Below is a copy of the email all DVC members received this…


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New Auction Property For Sale in Hyattsville Maryland

Sharing Our Brand New Listing

BTW, the seller loves the fact that he is selling it with NO SHOWINGS...we have two scheduled open houses.

AUCTION PROPERTY FOR SALE***7761 Muncy Road Hyattsville, MD 20785

$199,000 3 Bedroom 1 Bath one-story home ready for occupancy.

Gleaming wood floors , no carpet inside this beautiful home. Upgraded appliances, fenced backyard, tile floors and much more.

Just a few blocks away from I-495 - east…


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Even though the price may be lower than what you would achieve on the open market there are multiple benefits for a seller to consider before accepting an INSTANT CASH OFFER.

  1. Convenience
    1. No agents and buyers going through your home.
    2. You set the closing date.
  2. Stronger transaction
    1. Completely “As Is” transaction.
    2. Cash offers so no appraisers or lenders to deal with.
  3. Lease back option
    1. Get the equity…

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Why Selling Your House at Auction is Better than a Traditional Listing...

A Real Estate Auction is one of several choices available to sellers and it offers many advantages to property owners who want to maintain control of the selling process.

Whether you are just beginning to consider selling or you’ve already tried multiple methods, you are wise to explore the auction option. The best way to see if an auction is right for you and your property is to talk with us. We’ll consult with you regarding the real estate auction process and provide a pricing…


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What Is The Buyer Premium?

What is the “Buyers Premium” – Using our Hybrid Home Auctions option, real estate commission can be paid by the seller, the buyer or both. The buyer’s side of the commission is called “Buyer’s Premium”. (Highest Bid + Buyer’s Premium = Sales Price)

This is the MOST transparent way for a seller to offer the lowest price on their home and still compensates the real estate agents who conduct and close the transaction.

Each property listed on our web site…


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When Dealing With Internet Leads Be A Resource Not A Salesperson

Hi folks.…


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Do Not Disclose Multiple Offers Unless The Seller Has Authorized You To Do So

Hi folks. I’ve read a couple of posts recently that have left me scratching my head. Both were about listing agents and their “unethical” practice of not handling multiple offers according to the Buyer agent’s expectations.

In the comments on these posts the listing agents were called lazy, unethical, unprofessional, bad, rude, unfair and greedy. The consensus was that “The listing agent was not looking out for the…


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Only Work On What You Enjoy. Let The Rest Go.

Hi folks. I read an article recently where an agent was calling other agents lazy because they didn’t work with rentals. Supposedly we should do anything to make a buck whether we enjoy it or not.



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Sorry, We Are Not Leaving The Rock

This morning,…


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How To Increase Closings And Income In Real Estate

Hi folks. I recently read an article from an agent talking about his difficulties with getting transactions closed. He mentioned he was losing 1 and 4 transactions before they made it to the closing…


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Getting The Price Reduction

Hi folks. Here’s some info…


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How To Take A Listing

Hi folks. Recently I had an agent request more information on.....…


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Working Expired Listings Can Be Very Rewarding

Broker Bryant,…


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Do You Have To Be A Mega Producer To Be A Sucess?

When it comes to the level of business you do, what is your comfort zone?…


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How Do I Learn My Market?

Hi folks. I did an interview and one of the listeners posed a question that has been on my mind ever since. The question was "How do you learn your market?". It caught me a little off gaurd. Not that I don't know the answer but that someone in our business had to ask the question.

  • Knowing our market is what our job is all about.
  • Knowing our market…

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Don't Let The Limits Of Your Mind Limit Your Market Area.

Hi folks. Recently I read an article questioning whether an agent taking a listing 70 miles away is doing a disservice to the Seller. Most of the commenters agree they are. I don’t.…


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Listing Expired Listings The Easy Way!

Hi there,

So… you want to take some…


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Real Estate Commissions 101

Hi folks. I read a recent featured post that was about a buyer’s agent asking the listing agent to increase the co-broke prior to showing the property to the buyer. There were over 200 comments and with the exception of a very small handful…


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