Only Work On What You Enjoy. Let The Rest Go.

Hi folks. I read an article recently where an agent was calling other agents lazy because they didn’t work with rentals. Supposedly we should do anything to make a buck whether we enjoy it or not.


The agent went on to talk about how us lazy agents were missing the opportunity for future business and referrals from this renter.


Well ok then.


I can honestly say that I have my business down to a finely tuned machine. I work everyday but I'm not overly busy. I do however close a fair amount of transactions, manage my 12 websites plus a network of almost 10,000 members. But I also:


  • Rarely work after 4pm

  • Only go on appointments once or twice a MONTH!

  • Cook lunch and eat with TLW everyday.

  • Go to the gym 3 times a week during business hours.

  • Don't work on weekends.


We don't have to be busy to be productive. We do however have to organized. We have to be able to delegate. And we have to spend the bulk of our time on income producing activities.


The key is to focus on what you enjoy doing. It that’s working with a renter then have it. Just don’t call me lazy for not joining you.


That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. :) What’s yours?

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