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When Dealing With Internet Leads Be A Resource Not A Salesperson

Hi folks.…


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How To Increase Closings And Income In Real Estate

Hi folks. I recently read an article from an agent talking about his difficulties with getting transactions closed. He mentioned he was losing 1 and 4 transactions before they made it to the closing…


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Real Estate Commissions 101

Hi folks. I read a recent featured post that was about a buyer’s agent asking the listing agent to increase the co-broke prior to showing the property to the buyer. There were over 200 comments and with the exception of a very small handful…


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How Do Justify Your High Commission?

How Do Justify Your High Commission?

Posted: 03 Dec 2011 12:23 PM PST

Hi folks. In this day and age of easy access to information, what do you do that justifies your high commission?Why would…


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How To Get Buyer Leads And Close Transactions

Hi folks.…


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Why Leave Your Selling Commission Up To The Listing Agent?

The co-broke is an offer of compensation. It should be used to SUPPLEMENT the arrangement you should have already made with your buyer. Your fee, compensation, commission is your responsibility....NOT the listing agents.,

If agents choose to work for the co-broke only then they will always be at the mercy of the Listing Broker.…


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Why Is The Seller Ignoring My Buyer's Offer?

Hi folks. I bet you've asked this question before. "Why is the Seller ignoring my Buyer's offer?" You just spent a week showing properties to your Buyer. You wrote what you thought was a good offer, submitted it and then........nothing!

So you do what any good agent would do.....you run to Active Rain and write a rant about the SOB Listing agent!…


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Working with FHA, VA and USDA buyers.

FHA Buyers, at least in my market, are normally placing the minimum amount down, 3.5%, and asking the Seller to pay 6% towards their closing costs. In a market where 87% of the sales are distressed properties, FHA Buyers, in the eyes of the Seller, are second class citizens.

It's not only difficult for FHA Buyers to find a property and get an offer accepted but....they pay more. That's right, the folks who can…

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The Buyer CMA.

Hi folks. Lenn Harley wrote a post today titled "Looking at Real Estate Teams and Team Specialists". If you haven't read it please take a moment to do so. In her article Lenn wrote...

"The assumption is that training for property…


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Buyer Broker Agreements

I read a post recently that was bashing Buyers. The author/agent had shown them houses for several days only to have the Buyer end up purchasing a home through another agent. As alway there were many agents in the comment section calling the buyer names. I have never agreed with the "Buyers are Liars" mentality so want to share my thoughts on this.

First I want to say, if something is not going the way you want it to, look at yourself. Try to find out what it is that you are… Continue

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Get the BBA signed...part 2.

Here's a follow up with some pointers that may help in getting a Buyer Brokers Agreement (BBA) signed if you choose to work with one. And I hope you do. Here's what I do.

First, if a buyer calls me to see one of my listings I will meet them at my listing to show it to them. At this time, I will not show them any other properties unless I happen to have another listing that's similar.

If Buyers are just calling in, for any other reason, my goal is to make an… Continue

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Why get a Buyer's Broker Agreement Signed?

Hi folks. Today I want to talk a little bit about our responsibility to ask Buyers and Sellers if they are working with another REALTOR®. Is this something we are obligated to do by our CoE, or not? What do you think?

Here's an example: Last week, a Buyer contacted me by phone to get some information on a couple of my listings. I asked him if he was working with another REALTOR®. He said that he had gone out looking at properties with a REALTOR® the previous week. I… Continue

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Why you need a Buyer Broker Agreement.

Hi folks. Today I want to talk about co-brokes. Now since this post will be about commissions, please let's not use specific percentages, we don't want to upset Sherman and his anti-trust crew. I'm going to be talking about principles anyway so amounts are not important.

First, I want to clear up a major misconception in our industry "I do NOT have to show your listing if the co-broke is less than I'm willing to work for." It is neither unethical or illegal for me to pass on showing… Continue

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Getting the Buyer Broker Agreement signed.

On Monday, I wrote a post, about a Buyer that had looked at one of my listings, with another REALTOR® and had called me the next day trying to go behind her REALTORS® back and make an offer directly through me, the listing Broker. Anyway in that post I had mentioned using a Showing Agreement (SA) to protect your interests and then switching over to a Buyer's Broker Agreement (BBA) after the first couple of showings. I had a couple of folks, in the comments, ask me about a SA, so I thought I… Continue

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Protect your commission with a Buyer Broker Agreement

I've read quite a few posts, lately, on ActiveRain and other sites, talking about commissions. What's fair? Who pays the commission? Are we worth what we charge? How come I didn't get 50% of the commission? And on and on and on. Anyway, I wrote this post back in July and thought it would be a good time to recycle it. Why not? It's mine and I can do what I want with it. It has been edited slightly (a lot). It doesn't answer all the questions but it does address one of my pet peeves, the ole'… Continue

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Working under a Buyer Broker Agreement.

Recently I have read lots of discussions on the benefits of using a “Buyer’s Broker Agreement”(BBA). While I think we all agree they are a good thing to use, some Realtors seem to be having problems getting them signed and are not quite sure when to do this. As most of you know, I do not make it a practice of working with Buyers. However, since I am an expert salesperson, I am going to attempt to make using this agreement easier for you.

First, let’s all get a clear understanding of… Continue

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