Why Leave Your Selling Commission Up To The Listing Agent?

The co-broke is an offer of compensation. It should be used to SUPPLEMENT the arrangement you should have already made with your buyer. Your fee, compensation, commission is your responsibility....NOT the listing agents.,

If agents choose to work for the co-broke only then they will always be at the mercy of the Listing Broker.

As a Listing Broker I have a minimum that I will work for. Unfortunately the short sale lenders and REO asset managers limit how much I can charge the seller. The FTC also prohibits me from charging an upfront fee. Therefore, the only way I have to pay myself is by reducing the amount of the co-broke being offered. So I do,

Buyer Agents have the advantage of being able to charge as much as they want. There are no limitations set on the buying side commission. You guys are so lucky and don't even realize it.

My suggestion is for Buyer Agents to learn how to get paid. Then the co-broke will NEVER be an issue. Just think how much better service you could provide your Buyers if the commission was taken out of the equation? What if your compensation was settled before going to work? Kind of like the listing commission. Dontcha think?

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