10 Easy Things To Do To Keep The Listing Until It Sells

Hi folks. Today I want to talk a little bit about keeping the listing. Lack of good communication skills and/or systems is the number 1 reason why Sellers complain about their agents. In fact, just about every time I go meet with a Seller who has just had their listing expire "lack of communication" is what they complain about.

  • "They listed my property and I never heard from them again."
  • "I always had to call them if I wanted an update."
  • "It would take them days to return my phone call."
  • "They never answer their phone and their voice mail is full" and on and on and on.

Hopefully this post will help you with some systems. If you want to be a "lister" then you need to master these two things.

  1. Price it right.
  2. Keep the listing until it sells. This is done by constant communications with your seller.

If you can master these two then you will have no problem getting and keeping listings. I've written many times about pricing so I'm not going to touch down on that one again. I'm also not going to talk about being a good communicator. This post is about communication systems.

Here are some simple systems that I use to help me keep the listing until it sells.

  1. Send the Seller a thank you card when you get back to the office after taking the lsiting.

  2. Set the Seller up on auto property alerts so as soon as a property similar to theirs or on their street is listed, goes pending or is sold the Seller receives an alert from the MLS. You may want to set  up several of these.

  3. Make a Picasa Web Album with as many pictures of their property as you can. Invite them to the album. Every time an agent goes to show the property send the agent an invite to the web album and cc the Seller.

  4. As soon as the property is entered into the MLS email the Seller the MLS listing.

  5. Set up a video tour and online flyer. Send the link to the "tracking report" to the Seller so they have it. These are usually live reports and will update automatically. The Seller can then click on the link and see how many people are looking at the flyer online. Syndicate the flyer to as many sites as possible.

  6. Create a Google Calendar for the property. Invite the Seller to share the calendar. Every time you take an action on the property enter it into the calendar. The Seller will automatically receive an email with the update. For example: "Had a sign call and sent them the web album. Will follow up tomorrow to see about arranging a showing."

  7. Any time you send out an email related to this listing cc the Seller.

  8. Prepare a new CMA every 30 days and send it to the Seller. ALWAYS suggest a price reduction if needed.

  9. Have your Seller "friend" you on Facebook and Twitter.

  10. Hook them up with a RSS feed (feedburner) for your blog so every time you write a post they get it in their email.

Now folks if you utilize these systems you will rarely have to call your Seller. BUT... they will "hear" from you constantly. You will have no problem keeping the listing until it sells.

In fact, the Sellers will be contacting you for price reductions and listing changes because they are constantly being informed of market conditions. And the beauty is........it's all automated!!! How sweet is that?

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