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10 Easy Things To Do To Keep The Listing Until It Sells

Hi folks. Today I want to talk a little bit about keeping the listing. Lack of good communication skills and/or systems is the number 1 reason why Sellers complain about their agents. In fact, just about every time I go meet with a Seller who has just had their listing expire "lack of communication" is what they complain about.

  • "They listed my property and I never heard from them…

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Quit Defending Your Commission. Earn It Instead.

How do you react when a Seller or Buyer asks you to give them a portion of your commission? Do you immediately get defensive? Do you start explaining how your commission is split and how many expenses you have as a licensed Real Estate agent?…


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Overcoming Adversity Builds Strength And Character

Hi Folks, I read an article from a Realtor(R) about the struggles she is having and how she has reached a crossroads and has to decide whether or not to stay in the business (I'd link to it but it's a private post).



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How To Get Buyer Leads And Close Transactions

Hi folks.…


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Why Leave Your Selling Commission Up To The Listing Agent?

The co-broke is an offer of compensation. It should be used to SUPPLEMENT the arrangement you should have already made with your buyer. Your fee, compensation, commission is your responsibility....NOT the listing agents.,

If agents choose to work for the co-broke only then they will always be at the mercy of the Listing Broker.…


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Why Is The Seller Ignoring My Buyer's Offer?

Hi folks. I bet you've asked this question before. "Why is the Seller ignoring my Buyer's offer?" You just spent a week showing properties to your Buyer. You wrote what you thought was a good offer, submitted it and then........nothing!

So you do what any good agent would run to Active Rain and write a rant about the SOB Listing agent!…


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How To Protect Yourself Against Liability When Listing And Selling Short Sales.

Hi folks. Have you ever been sued by a Seller or Buyer?? I haven't. But if I were I'd be ready to stand in front of any judge and defend myself.


It's my opinion that over the next few years there is going to be a huge increase in lawsuits against agents and brokers. Mostly related to Short Sales. That Seller you helped is going to be real pissed off, 5 years from now, when he is slapped with a deficiency judgment…


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Listing Tip: The Seller Interview

Let's talk about Seller interviews. Yep, that's right Seller interviews. when I go on a listing appointment, I know in advance that the listing is mine. Why? Because I'm great! Well, maybe only in my mind. But seriously, I have the mind set that if they are calling me to list their home, then they have already made up their mind to give me their business. They could be meeting with other agents as well, but frankly, I am never concerned about that. Cocky? Probably. But I do… Continue

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Florida Real Estate Agent Opportunity. 100% Commission.

100% Commission!
You do all the work. Why not keep all the money?…

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Real Estate is about more than just selling a house

Real Estate is about more than just selling houses. We have to be able to communicate with people. We need to know how to get business. We have to be knowledgeable of changes in the market place. And most important....we have to keep it all in perspective. So please take some time before you get caught up in your day and check out these thoughts and links.…


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Effective Lead Generation

Are you ready? It's going to be complicated.

My secret advice to agents about lead generation is to stop trying to figure it out and start doing it! It’s not so much what you do as it is that you do it. Be consistent.

Wake up tomorrow morning and mail an expired listing letter to every expired/withdrawn in your market. Then get up every day thereafter and do the same thing. Do it forever.

Then do the same thing for FSBOs and preforeclosures.

Within… Continue

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Are you working today?

I know I am. I know I'm working because I have a schedule of things that I do everyday to move my business forward. Mainly I look for business. My job is finding money. I prefer the soft touch so do most of my "soliciting" online. I blog. I social network. I register. I connect with others. Do you?

More goodies from me.

Get your Social Media figured… Continue

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Are you prepared for 10 more years of this difficult market?

Below is a link to a great webinar I listened to today. The interview was part of Superstar Interviews by Jim and Julie Harris of HREU. The guy speaking is.....

Cary Sternberg, President of ExcellenE REO. With almost 40 years of experience in asset preservation, management and liquidation, Sternberg… Continue

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Helpful Stuff 1

Need condo docs? Check it out. I will be adding a link to this on for your convenience. Your Buyers and Sellers will get a discount of 5% by using the link from our site.

Banks are seizing funds from accounts if folks are delinquent on their mortgages. This is… Continue

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A guide to help lay out your financial goals.

Hi folks. We are quickly closing in on 2010. With that in mind I am writing this post to give you a very simple way to achieve your financials goals for next year. First I want you to punch your numbers into this chart. We are looking for how much GFI (Gross Commission Income) you need to meet your financial obligations based on the lifestyle you want to live.

The amount of GCI (Gross Commission Income) needed is… Continue

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HAFA Guidelines with my commentary

Please read through the attached document.


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About Bryant Tutas


Hi there. Welcome to the TTRealty Network. I started this site back in late 2008 as a place for the agents that worked to for me to get tools and training to help them be successful at real estate. Then one day I woke up and and decided to make the site available to agents through out the country.



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Tools to help run your "virtual" office.

REALTORS(R) at Tutas Towne Realty all work from their homes. In order to be able to do this you must have the right tools. Requirements are:

1. Computer with printer/scanner

2. Smart phone

3. Fax machine or preferably an eFax (I recommend

With out these bare minimum tools you will struggle working for a virtual Real Estate office.

This is how I personally handle my business:… Continue

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Working with FHA, VA and USDA buyers.

FHA Buyers, at least in my market, are normally placing the minimum amount down, 3.5%, and asking the Seller to pay 6% towards their closing costs. In a market where 87% of the sales are distressed properties, FHA Buyers, in the eyes of the Seller, are second class citizens.

It's not only difficult for FHA Buyers to find a property and get an offer accepted but....they pay more. That's right, the folks who can…

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